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DIrector SICA

Director's Desk

Dear Students,
I observe the progress of Siddhant Group of Institutions with immense satisfaction. Today the role of an education is not only to edify the students but also imparting knowledge of the world beyond the usual class room sessions. It is the responsibility of the college to formulate and strengthen the deep down characteristics in students that will not deteriorate when tested by the ruthless & pragmatic situations.

Our primary aim at SICA is to provide resources and programs that will aid in our students professional development. Knowing that real-world engagement will make students stronger candidates for the local, state, national, and international workforce we work with our stakeholders to create internships and full-time opportunities that are built on classroom learning. Siddhant Institute of Computer Application has emerged as one of the premier institution to inculcate professional excellence within the youth and is functioning in close association with industry, has the state of the art infrastructure and experienced faculty and innovative programmes that have made SICA the best place for the MCA aspirants.

The curriculum designed by SP Pune University & our association with top notch IT Stalwarts that has the string of global perspective prepares students to manage, lead and succeed in this increasingly competitive business environment. At SICA we also help the students to develop entrepreneurial skills and make them create job as entrepreneurs instead of being job seekers. The opening of Software Development Cell & Research Project Scheme is the step in this direction .This efforts of ours has got support from the corporate which engage our students in projects which can be grown to the level of an enterprise. My task is to continue the past good practices and face new challenges in future. I look forward to welcoming you personally to the world of opportunities which "SICA” can help you to create& inculcate. In times of uncertainty we believe that we cannot prepare a future for the next generation but we can certainly prepare the next generation for the better future. SICA welcomes all students who wish to join our bandwagon & wish them a successful career ahead. Step into SICA & experience the world full of limitless

Your Affectionately,
Nitin Shrirao 


Siddhant Institute of Computer Application, Sudumbare, Pune- 412109. 


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